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"It is a freeing thing to understand you have no control."
— Matt Chandler (via kissthewave)
"You’ve got no shot at legitimate freedom if you’re constantly trying to put out this vibe that you’re farther along than you are. That you’re not struggling like you are. That you’re not wrestling like you are. That’s a facade that enslaves you and does nothing to let you walk in the freedom that Christ has made available to you."
— Matt Chandler (via kristinrankin)
"Just because you have a heritage of faith, doesn’t mean you are walking in faith."
— Matt Chandler  (via kimmywisegamgee)

You can know the Bible and not know the God of the Bible. You can Facebook stalk God. You can find out what he has done and where he has been and who he is hanging out with and not know him at all. In John 6, Jesus looks at the Pharisees and says, “You study the Scriptures in vain, because you think that in them you have life, yet you refuse to come to me to whom those Scriptures testify.” Jesus is saying, “The Scriptures are talking about me, so if you say you love the Scriptures but you don’t want anything to do with me, you don’t understand the Scriptures.”

What happens when we have new hearts and the Holy Spirit is sealed inside of us is the mind is awakened to the Word of God, and the Bible starts reading us. At that moment, divine surgery begins to take place. All of a sudden, conviction begins to be fueled by the truth of the Word of God, and slowly but surely, our lives begin to line up with how God created us to interact, how God created us to engage, how God created us to walk in this fallen world, and we as people of God and as the people of God, corporately begin to push back what’s dark in the world. This is your only hope, my only hope, our only hope.

— Matt Chandler (via kschlabaugh)
"Often times the very thing that causes our shame and guilt is the very thing that we run to to medicate our shame and guilt."
— Matt Chandler (via kristinrankin)
"Beware of living your faith vicariously through the faith of others. Be hungry to know the God they know. Be jealous to know Him more deeply."
— Matt Chandler (via ohwhataletdown)